Cowboy Pride Incentive-Incentivo de Orgullo Vaquero

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2017-2018 Cowboy Pride Incentive Criteria:


  1. )Students may not receive more than 3 sad faces/signatures on daily communication chart. (4 or more=no incentive)
  2. )Students may not have more than 1 tardy or 1 early check-out during the incentive period in order to qualify.
  3. )Students may not have any absences during the incentive period in order to participate. Students with medical notes for absences will be allowed to participate per campus policy.
  4. )Students may not have received any discipline referrals during the incentive period in order to qualify for the incentive.


Monitoring Period

Incentive Date


September 5th-October 6th

October 13th

Electronics/Board Games

October 10th-November 17th

November 27th

Dance Rev. w/ Glow Sticks

November 27th-January 19th

January 26th


January 22nd-March 2nd

March 19th

Aviator Day

March 5th-April 20th

April 30th

Cascarones w/ Art/Coloring

April 23rd-May 25th

May 29th

Electronics/Board Games/Paleta

Last Month

Weekly Incentives

Grade levels will use money from PTA to fund last month of school weekly incentives


The students who do not qualify to participate in the incentive will remain with a teacher in their own grade level during the incentive. They will be given time to complete any classwork they are behind on from having absences or being out of the classroom for discipline, or they will be given time to read.



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