About the School

Carroll Bell is born

In 1922, a $30,000 bond issue passed to build a six-room red brick building on East Huff Avenue named Huff Avenue Ward School (now Wright Elementary) and a two-room school named San Jose Ward School (now Carroll Bell Elementary) on the corner of Harding Boulevard and Pleasanton Road. Each school taught grades first through eighth. 

Carroll Bell Elementary now teaches Pre-K through 5th grade with Dual language being included up to 5th grade. 

Today, the Harlandale Independent School District serves about 14,700 students with two high schools, four middle schools, 13 elementary schools, a facility for special needs and two alternate campuses. The district has come a long way from its beginnings as a one-room, one-teacher, rural school. The credit,however, for more than 100 years of educating our children in Harlandale I.S.D. goes to the parents, educators and citizens of this community.

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