About the School

Carroll Bell is born

In 1922, a $30,000 bond issuepassed to build a six-room red brick building on East Huff Avenue namedHuff Avenue Ward School (now Wright Elementary) and a two-room schoolnamed San Jose Ward School (now Carroll Bell Elementary) on the cornerof Harding Boulevard and Pleasanton Road. Each school taughtgrades first through eighth. 

Carroll Bell Elementary now teaches Pre-K through 5th grade with Dual language being included up to 4th grade. 

Today, the Harlandale IndependentSchool District serves about 14,700 students with two high schools, fourmiddle schools, 13 elementary schools, a facility for special needs andtwo alternate campuses. The district has come a long way from itsbeginnings as a one-room, one-teacher, rural school. The credit,however, for more than 100 years of educating our children in HarlandaleISD goes to the parents, educators and citizens of this community.

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